Monday, July 28, 2014

Sometime We Just Need to Laugh at Ourselves

At least I hope that's what I was doing in these photos...

This is my first Tank Dress.  I used a horribly slippery, fraying mess of a fabric that I bought on clearance at JoAnns.

This dress has many, many issues of my own making...but I love it none the less!

I've admitted in the past that I am horrible about following directions and this was no exception which probably explains why I had so many issues.  Instead of using the method included in the instructions for finishing the neckline and armholes I simply turned the fabric under by a 1/2" and top stitched it down.  This would account for the wonky neckline and the facing that will not stay down.

After a frustrating attempt to create a hemline using an iron I resorted to hem tape.  Now if the hemline was straight it may have actually turned out ok...but due to the curves I ended up with a stiff, wrinkly, puckered mess.

And my third and final issue--the pockets.  While I love the convenience of having pockets I think I will leave them out of my dresses in the future.  They just never seem to lay properly on my hips.  Always puckering and bunching up in a place that I definitely do not need extra bulk.

All in all my verdict is that the pattern is great.  I absolutely love the way that the neckline and armholes are finished (if you actually follow the pattern, which I will in my next post) and will use this method on nearly every woven garment I make in the future.  And despite all of the issues with this dress I still wear it in public and love the shape and brightness of the fabric.

See my post tomorrow for my thoughts on my second version of this dress :)

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