Friday, July 11, 2014

Piper Misses--Modified

Another "Make It Work" finish.  Again due to my own mistakes/miscalculations.  
I bought this wonderful organic knit from when they were closing out their fabrics (it looks like the sale is still going too!).  I bought all they had (1 1/2 yds).  After seeing the Piper Misses all over Instagram I knew I needed to make one.  When the Bundle Up package came around I jumped on it at the chance to buy it (and several others) for a great price.  

 I started by cutting the front of my top--no problems there.  Although I did have to lengthen the darts pretty significantly later.  Then I moved on to cut the back and sleeves for the top.  

 &$#@  About two inches short of the actual yardage I needed.  Oh well, no big deal I'll just cut an inch off of the entire top.  After making a cut about 4 inches long I realized I had folded my directional print over on top of itself LENGTHWISE to see how much I was going to be short.  

 @$#% Again!!  There was no way to repair or work around the cut I had made so I headed to JoAnn's where I had seen a great mint colored stretch lace.  It's not a perfect match colorwise but it did get the job done.  I wasn't planning on putting a bow on this version anyway so that was not an issue.

Overall I love the pattern!  It feels a little loose so I may go down a size next time.  I will definitely be making the bow version out of a voile in the near future :)

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  1. Oh I love it!!! I'll have to check out the sale- see if there's anything left! I love the fun prints you use. I really like the lace too! Yay for making it work- fabulously!