Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tank Dress #2 In Action

Just as a disclaimer I need to let you know that I really thought this dress was more flattering on me.  I actually wore it to work and felt pretty good in it.  Then I saw the photos...

For my first version I made the straight dress without any elastic or shirring.  Paired with a cardigan and belt it is a great fit.

I learned a lot from my previous experience with this pattern and decided to do a couple of things differently:
  • follow the instructions (except for one modification)
  • use a fabric that I am familiar with

We'll start with my favorite photo of the bunch.  Of course the kids weren't cooperating but when do they ever?!  I actually like the dress in this photo, btw.

I will admit that I wasn't crazy about this fabric but it was such a great price that I couldn't pass it up.  NOW I love the fabric just not the way the dress lays on my body.  Sorry for the wrinkles I had been at work for 8 hours before we went to the park.  Fair warning, I have quite a bit of the fabric left so you may see it again in the future.

Caroline's method for finishing the neck and arms on this dress is brilliant!!  I plan to use it whenever possible in the future.  It takes an extra step, therefore a little extra time, but the finish is so wonderful that it's worth it.  The one place that I deviated from the pattern on this was that I got it in my head that a drawstring would be really cute.  I was wrong!  The original pattern has the option of elastic enclosed in casing or shirring (both of which are on the backside only).  I will definitely make this dress again using that method.  Third time is the charm right?!  In the pictures I have the drawstring as tight as it will go and still managed to get no shape.  I can't take in the side seams without having to take out the drawstring.  And let's be realistic--I'm WAY too lazy for that!!  So for now I will wear it like this (maybe with a cardigan, I love me a cardigan :P) and try again next time.

One more shot of the kids :)


  1. I think it's a cute dress. I do admit though that facings are one step I will rarely skip, as the help hold the shape. One other thing that I do when I am making my cotton nightgowns and do not use a facing is to use single fold bias tape and sew that to the right side of the armhole and then turn that to the inside, press, and machine stitch into place. Keep having fun sewing!

  2. I love it!! It's going to be great for fall too.

  3. I actually like this but Im not a dress gal, dont even own one :/ but Id shorten it a smidge and wear it with jeans or leggins hahahahah own heaps of jeans hahahaha. You did a great job though :)