Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Pattern Testers Wanted

I've recently started working on some new paper pieced patterns.  I have several in the works but only three that are ready for testing. 



 Treasure Chest

Would YOU be interested in testing them for me?  If so leave a comment below with your email address and which pattern you would be interested in.  I'm looking for at least two testers per pattern and would love to have feedback by August 1. 


  1. That seahorse is so cute! Can I test it for you please? If you don't get enough testers for the others, I'd be happy to try them as well, but the seahorse is my favourite!

  2. I would love to test the seahorse for you!

  3. forgot the email address for me

  4. Love the seahorse too, but would also test the tresure chest!

  5. If you need any testers Id love too :)