Thursday, November 1, 2012

Really Random Thursday: Our First Halloween

I really wanted to make Squeak's first Halloween costume.  I knew exactly what it would be and how I would do it.  The only problem was I couldn't find the supplies I needed locally and didn't think to try and order them until it was too late.  At the last minute I managed to pick up a costume at Babies 'R Us.  The 0-6 looked HUGE so I thought it would be a safe bet but when I went to put it on him it was a tight fit!  All in all it worked out pretty well.

My little monster in all of his cuteness :)

And since he is too little to take door to door, we just went up and saw his daddy at work.
I am forever trying to reorganize/rearrange/redo my sewing room.  I can never seem to get it just perfect and chaos reigns.  I found this tool at that allows you to virtually rearrange your furniture so you can see what it will look like before you move it an realize it won't work.

This is my room as it is now.  In addition to the armoire there are various bins filled with supplies under all of the tables.  The tables have supports underneath in a v-shape that prevents me from making the most of the storage space though.

And this is my ideal layout.  My dad, the master carpenter/woodworker/handyman that he is, is working to make my dream room a reality :)  Such a better use of the space and with the chair and shelf I will have a perfect place to photograph my items.  The supports for the table will be shelves with dividers (cubes?) used to store random supplies.  I'm hoping this will be my Christmas present :)

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