Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Born in the USA

I must start off by saying that I am absolutely thrilled to have a weekday off of work.  I'm hoping to get a lot accomplished around the house.

We went to Ryan's co-worker's cookout last night.  It was a bit of a crash course with kids for me.  They had two young kids with a million questions that were all directed at me at about a mile a minute.  I guess its good preparation for when Kale gets older :)

Before we left to go over there I did manage to finish up my new bag.  I LOVE it!  The fabric is from a manufacturer that I had never heard of- Kanvas.  They only had about 6 different fabrics in the line that I chose but they were wonderful!

I have used this pattern before.  The first time had disastrous results due to the me misreading the instructions-whoops.  

I love the way it is constructed and the abundance of pockets.  The outside has four side pockets which makes it perfect for doubling as a diaper bag.

The original pattern only has one small interior pocket and for all the women that I know, that simply will not do!  I added a large interior zippered pocket with a double zipper.  I decided to sew a seam down the middle to make two medium sized pockets as opposed to the one large.  On the other side I added another large pocket (non-zippered) and again divided it into two sections.  I did not feel the need to add a cell phone pocket or swivel clip for keys since there are so many exterior pockets.  This was definitely my best attempt at a zippered pocket.

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