Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Bit Out of the Box-A Bra Review

My normal readers may want to skip this post entirely but I wanted to write it to help out anyone else out there that has trouble finding bras that fit.  Don't worry, there are not any pictures of me in the bras!!!

I've had bad luck ordering bras online in the past and was leery of trying again.  But since had them at a price that was already half of what I have to pay to buy them in the store locally, plus an extra 30% off thanks so Cyber Monday sales, I thought it might be worth the risk.

The best fitting bra to date that I have found is the Freya Deco in 30F (for point of reference).

I decided on two Curvy Kate bras (Daily Boost Balcony & Starlet Moulded) in size 30F.  I am really quite pleased with how they fit.  If I was to order another one I may decide to go with a 28F instead since the bands fit perfectly on tightest notch and the cups are just on the verge of being too small.  These styles definitely do not create as much cleavage as the Freya and are therefore more practical for everyday wear.

 The third bra I ordered was the Just Peachy Talia T-Shirt Bra in a 30G.  It is's "house" brand.  It was a great price and I had high hopes for it but for me this bra was an overall bust (no pun intended).  The band had no stretch whatsoever and was very uncomfortable.  And despite going up a cup size (I had read reviews that said they ran small) the cups were still too small.  I do not think that going up a size in the band and/or cups would really make a difference for me though since the sides of the cups came up too high and cut into my arm pits.

 I will hopefully be sending the Just Peachy bra back and exchanging it for something else so there may be another review coming :).

I hope someone out there finds this helpful!!

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  1. Awesome, Thank you, I actually really appreciate this post, I also have a hard time finding the right bra.