Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Planning and Plotting

Sounds pretty ominous especially when you throw in stalking!  But it's all actually just part of the fun of joining in a secret swap :)

I am one of over 950 people participating in this round (holy &$#@!).

Based on the form my partner filled out I have come up with a game plan...

One of the very first quilts I made was the Fractured Pervalong.  It was part of the sew along hosted by Displacement Activity.  It was also my very first paper piecing project!  Now you all know who to blame for my obsession with it.  Needless to say my mini had many, many issues but I think I can do a slightly better job this time around ;)

I used Charlotte's original photo of the layout of the block and created a pattern using Quilt Assistant.  I think this will help me out significantly this time around!

I also got to play with arrangement of the colors until I came up with something I liked.  I've bought the fabrics and plan on starting it this week!!

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