Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Deluxe Recap

As I'm sure you all know from my previous posts, last weekend was the Deluxe Winter Market.  This was my second year participating and it was even better than last year!  Great traffic, friendly faces, and for the first day at least, there was great weather.  I'm hoping we get invited back next year...

I'm always striving to improve our booth set up and this show was no exception.

Our booth at this event was 10' x 10'.  Set up started early Friday afternoon and lasted until around 5:30 when I decided I wasn't happy with several of my display pieces and hauled them back home to be spray painted.  Spray paint wasn't the original plan I had for them but when the chalkboard paint/metallic paint/bright color paint (all acrylics, which was probably where I went wrong) that I envisioned didn't work out it's what I had on hand.  And it will work--for now.

I don't have time to make any drastic changes before our next show but I definitely have some ideas that I want to try out before next year.

This is what we ended up with this year...

 Starting from left to right:


My newly painted cart is perfect for holding my coffee sleeves and book clutches (btw, the book clutches were a hit and I sold the only three that were made!).  I ran out of my display "cups" so the sleeves on the bottom row were not quite as fancy looking.  I also finally sold that diaper bag that is hanging on the handle!!

 Then we had the tall stack of crates which housed the large and medium journals and the clearance bin, the essential wallets and boxy pouches along with a tray of hair elastics and hanging earring display made from a painted wooden frame and various ribbons.


 The small gray bins (which are actually hollowed out books) are the pieces that got the spray paint treatment.  They are scattered throughout the display and hold little kawaii style hair pins or magnets.  The next set of gray stacked crates hold the mini journals on top and the wee wee tee pees and gift card holders on bottom.  Zippered wristlets are in front.  I also have an earring display stand for a few dangling earrings. The pink wire bin holds gift tags.  Next to it is the Keyring Clutch Bin followed by the Wine Tote Tub and Curvy Clutches.


 We used two clothing display racks to display the two large quilts I had and the zippered pouches of various size fit perfectly in the gray oversized basket I brought.


I have to admit that I'm pretty proud of this checkout stand.  It was inspired by something I saw on Pinterest.  The sign is black foam board with white paint marker framed in a wooden frame (all from Michael's) that was spray painted pink.  The crates are unfinished wooden crates from JoAnn's that I painted a mint green.  On top I have a ceramic owl pen holder and a business card holder (both also spray painted).

The back of the checkout stand holds our bags, pens, price tags, and all sorts of other miscellaneous items that we might need throughout the day.

Moving on...the pink three tiered wire rack holds diaper clutches, boppy covers, and drawstring bags.  The teal basket has flower hair pins.  There is another "book bin" filled with 4 different sizes of felt barrettes.  A fire log holder filled with rolled  baby blankets and more stacked crates with crayon rolls and business card holders.  The business card holders were the surprise best seller of the day!  And finally a small pink basket filled with light switch covers and a three tiered wire basket for all of the earbud pouches.

 The end cap seemed like the best place to display the mason jar cups.  And two more "book bins":  one filled with more hair pins and the other with earrings.

Last but not least I debuted my latest Washi Dress.  This was made specifically for this event but I love it and plan on getting lots of wear out of it :)

Thanks for sticking with me through this picture heavy post!  I'll show you our set up for a 10 x 20 booth next week ;).


  1. It all look so great! And I love the new Washi. (I still haven't made one for myself. I'm so intimidated.) Glad it all went well. I'm so bummed with the move to Thanksgiving weekend. It makes it difficult for me to attend.

  2. It all looks great and congrats.

  3. Wow,I love your set-up Angela! Will be "borrowing" some of your ideas for future craft fairs :). Hope you had a great day with lots of sales. Love the new dress too!

  4. Wow amazing! How do you get so much sewing done and all of the craftiness, see told you the book clutches would sell! Congratulations on a beautiful booth.

  5. Wow your booth looks awesome! I can really tell how much work you put into it. That checkout stand is a fantastic idea. I've been thinking about trying to start doing craft shows. Do you have any posts about how you price your goods?