Thursday, February 7, 2013

Art Student Tote & B-Day Prep

One of the blogs that I regularly read asked everyone to leave a comment telling their favorite project they have ever done.  I had to think about it a bit and realized it was probably my Anna Maria Horner Art Student Tote.  It was made before I ever started blogging therefore I have never had an excuse to show it off.  And since it is a pretty large tote I don't carry it often.  I plan to use to use it as part of a "luggage set" that I have in mind to make for my trip this summer.  I think that it, a duffel of some type (Bari J. maybe?) and a Weekender Bag (for some reason I cannot get her website to open so no link today) as well as some small assorted pouches, would be perfect for our vacation.  I made it using Sweetwater's Reunion line. 


Not my normal style, but I love it anyway!  I have already been picking up a few of fat quarters locally when I find them in preparation for the next bag in the set.  I have no official plan yet but I'm thinking there will be paper piecing and patchwork involved :).  The pattern is great but next time I make this bag there are some definite changes I would make.  I would stitch the handles up further, add interior pockets, a false bottom for more stability, and possibly even a recessed zipper.  The zippered pockets on the front were easy enough to put together but there was a LOT of measuring and pinning in order to get everything evenly spaced.
I realized yesterday that I have less than a month to get everything ready for Squeak's birthday!  We are having his one year photo session on his actual birthday and his party the following Sunday.  So much to do--decorations, photo props and outfits, cakes to order, balloons and invitations...I'm sure there's something important I'm forgetting.  Oh yeah, PRESENTS!!!  His favorite thing to play with right now is Penny and as long as he's not trying to bite her tail she's a good sport :)
Does this kid look like he needs more toys?!
We're off to the LQS tonight to stock up on cute little boy fabric.  I'm thinking a monster theme is in order with lots of orange, yellow, green, blue and white!  And if the items turn out as well as I'm hoping there might be a tutorial or two if anyone is interested ;)

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  1. That's a really cute bag, especially with the reunion fabric.

  2. How fun to get to plan a party. And that bag looks great!

  3. I ask all the best questions! And you were right Angela, it is fabulous, just perfect for a little trip away from home, the bunting looks great. : )

  4. So fun to see your Art Student Tote! Thanks for sharing it. Good insipiration before I begin mine! :)

  5. That is a great tote! I applaud you if you tackle the weekender

  6. It's great to see the Art Student Tote, it's on my list of "Want to do's" this year so its great to see pictures of it. Yours is lovely, and thanks for the tips
    Sarah x