Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February Goals

I know I already posted today but I feel that if I don't write these all down immediately they are never going to happen!

  1. Sugar Club February Block
  2. Lucky Stars February Block
  3. And Sew On February Block
  4. Pretty in Patchwork Christmas Pillow
  5. Pretty in Patchwork Valentine Pillow --I'm to the quilting stage on this one.
  6. MQG Pincushion Swap--I have decided on the layout and fabrics but no actual sewing yet.
  7. Madrona Road Mini Quilt
  8. Super Penguin Blocks--Set #3--most of the individual sections have been pieced but not sewed together into actual blocks yet.
  9. Woodland Sampler February Block--Almost done!
  10. 10 Triple Zip Pouches--I have seven done, three more to go.  All three are already cut and just need to be put together.
  11. 3 Sea of Stars Blocks
  12. Finish cutting Isosceles Triangle Quilt fabrics-prints are cut just need to do solids.
  13. Cut fabrics for Scrappy Swoon Quilt-background is done, need to pick my colored fabrics.
  14. Cut fat quarters for Solids Swap
  15. Make Mystery Round Robin block
  16. Add borders to Mystery Round Robin block for S.
  17. Zippered Pouch for A Little Birdie told me swap--I spent yesterday working on the design and I'm ready to get started.
  18. Riley Blake February Block
  19. Finally quilt and bind my Pervalong Quilt
  20. Pick fabrics for Starburst Quilt
Twenty seems like a good round number don't you think?  I've already got a pretty good start on the list so keep your fingers crossed for me that I can keep up the momentum :)

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