Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Madrona Road Mini

I finished applying the binding last night and I love it! It is currently on top of our washing machine acting as a scratch guard. The colors don't work with my decor at all but it is the perfect size and it will stay there until I find another use for it :)

I did put little hanging corners on it, just in case.

My other finish from earlier this week was my Reverse Applique Christmas Tree Pillow.  I made it as part of the Threadbias Sew Along.  I have the Valentine version ready to quilt just as soon as I have a free minute.  I did change this quite a bit from the way it was in the book.  I didn't use binding around the edges or muslin inside, which is probably why it puckered a little.  On the next one I plan on following the instructions to see what happens.  I'm still pretty happy with this one though.


  1. Looks fab Angela, and it appears you're well ahead of the game, it's only February! : )