Monday, February 25, 2013

Break Out the Rainboots & a Sewing Room Reveal

The weather here is dreary and shows no signs of changing through most of the week.  Right now it's pouring and will continue to do so for the rest of the day (we actually really, really need the rain though so I guess its a good thing).  But on to happier things...

For some reason I thought I had until the 28th to get my sewing room ready for its big reveal but when reading through my blogs yesterday I realized it was TODAY!  So here it is--or at least as much of it as I was able to get done.  And later on there are some quilty things to show you :).

A view from the door.  I rearranged the tablecloth so that it covers the whole table and hides what is underneath.  On my Singer cabinet is my pile of clothing that needs mending and a little scrap bucket for overflows.  Just to the right of it is a plastic three drawer container that contains all of my scraps.  They are now divided by color and all non-quilt shop quality pieces have been removed.  The top of this little bin is currently the home of two of my quilt tops in progress (more on those later if you'll stick with me through the reveal).

I cleaned up my little nightstand and added some decorative, yet functional touches.  I was running out of room for fabric on my shelves so I rolled some of it up to put in a little basket and into the little bin part of my owl wall hanging.  There are still lots of things that need to be done to this room.  I want to paint my owls black and add some fun fabric behind them that will show through all of the cut outs and I'm thinking it may be time to paint the nightstand black too.  The scrapbook paper is to make some large paper flowers for a yet to be purchased vase that will sit beside the nightstand.  The empty frame was plain wood and has been covered in washi tape.  I also bought washi tape to cover the frame of the mirror but didn't have time to get it on there.  Next to the mirror is the pile of decorative items that still need to be painted and hung.

I love this little corner.  The armoire definitely needs some touch ups on its paint but its the perfect place to display my jar of selvages, chair pincushion, basket of spools (needs to be painted and lined), a china cup pincushion that was my great grandmother's and my birdcage filled with my Cheep Talk fabrics.  I also finally got to hang my sign since the hand quilting is finished (yay!).

The printer got moved from the floor to the table and I recovered my zipper container with new scrapbook paper to match the rest of the room.  I've had the prints on the wall for quite a while but couldn't find frames I liked for them.  I finally gave up and just used tape to put them up.  My cutting board has the fabrics for my next project and my Carbany Street and Rock n' Romance bundles laid out and ready to go.

I failed to get a picture of this part last time.  I've put my ironing board as close to my machine as possible since I do so much paper piecing (which is what that stack of fabric and paper is).

Pretty, pretty fabric.  The top four shelves are non-quilt shop quality (which I'm contemplating getting rid of) and the bottom two are top of the line.  Every room needs a Scentsy warmer :) and it is sitting on the newly covered top of a plant stand.  Just a little bit of scrapbook paper and hot glue and TADA!  The wall above the TV is bare so I'm thinking this is where I will put the shelves that I bought on clearance at Target this weekend.  They need a coat of paint then they'll be ready.

Anyone have any idea how to hide all of those cords?!  Between two machines, two lamps, an iron, hot glue fun, Scentsy warmer, TV, router, modem and who knows what else, this corner is a mess and I don't know how to fix it!

I moved my roll of batting to the closet and added a solid black curtain so that it is not quite so distracting.

Not a whole lot of change to the corner behind the door except that it's more organized.

This organizer is kind of a mix of items.  It's got lots of little totes and pouches that are waiting for a home a well as some artwork, baby items, cross stitch wips, and towels that need to be made into pillows.

And of course, Josie hasn't changed much.  She was a little irritated that she wasn't getting any attention.

I had a couple of small cork boards laying around and one was the perfect size to add to the side of my stackable storage container to make a little place to keep coupons and things.  Again, all I needed was a little hot glue.

And since you've stuck with me this far, I'll show you the progress I made on my Scrappy Swoon Quilt this weekend. 

And the start of my Orbit Quilt.

I decided to do a slightly scrappier version for mine.  So far I'm loving it and it is going together so quickly.  I would be a lot farther but I miscalculated how much fabric I would need :/ so another trip to the LQS is in store for me.


  1. Love the scrappy swoon ... inspiring ;) I wandered in from the Monday Link-up. May you and Josie make many beautiful quilts together in your new sewing room. Thanks for sharing ... :) Pat

  2. wonderful swoon. I have a suggestion for the cords issue -- If you have them those items plugged into a power strip (and I assume that you do)I would say divide the power strip duties into 2 strips one for items that you do not need to access that often (ie. TV, router, Wii) and this can be placed either behind or tucked into the corner beside the shelving feed all cords behind the unit and you can get a cord minder tube that can be painted to match the wall. Items that need to be able to accessed should be on another power strip that could be mounted to the underside of your sewing table with the cord running down the leg to the outlet. This keeps it out of the way, yet accessible and keeps you from getting tangled in the cords. As for the router and things that you would like to hide that are in the corner currently -- if you can move the TV to the right and put the painting and decorative items to the left of the TV with the painting either on a plate stand or just angled in the corner this conceals the items and provides enough circulation for them. I have a real issue with cords and these are some of the tricks that I have tried in my own craft space -- hope it helps. The room looks great.

  3. I like how the swoon looks pixelated, nice bright colors. I really like that little black and white guy with the heart that's in the basket hanging behind the door. What is he?

  4. Love your scrappy swoon... I like the scrappy versions better than the original.

    Your room looks fantastic! I recommend the cord tube like Katie - even if you don't paint it one tube looks tidier than a tangle.

  5. Love the scrappy swoon - so pretty. Your room looks great too.

  6. Oooooh, I love your fabric shelf, NOT to mention all that fabric, lucky girl!! :-)

  7. Your scrappy swoon is amazing! I love it!

    Your room looks great! I don't know what I would do with all your space!!

    I like Katie's idea above too. I was just going to suggest my husband uses bread ties and gets all the cords bundled nice and then just ties and tucks them. Nothing high tech here!

  8. Love the scrappy swoon. Yummy yummy yummy! And your sewing room looks great! If you figure out a solution for those cords, let me know. I have the same problem!

  9. Loving your Swoon and jealous of your work space.

  10. Wow, your sewing room is lovely! and very organized! Thanks for sharing. Love your swoon too!

  11. I love your scrappy swoon! and very nice to have the sewing room cleaned and organized.

  12. love the colors you chose for the scrappy swoon.

  13. I love your space. Great tour, thank you for sharing! I think adding some fun fabric behind the owls is a great idea! So much to comment about here, I don't even know where to begin. How about this: what if you changed your black curtain to a piece of white fleece and then it could also be a design wall! I have that on the brain, because I would really love one in my sewing room!

  14. Your craft room is lovely!!! That is a very large cat. I love her!