Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Start of the Scrappy Swoon

No sewing this week but I did start on my  Scrappy Swoon over the weekend.  The cutting has taken forever but putting it together has been pretty quick.

Depending on how much I love this quilt (and I'm thinking its going to be a LOT) I may have to add some borders to two of the sides and make it into a duvet cover for our bedroom.  I say duvet cover because there is no way that I would be able to wrestle a king size quilt through either of my  machines.  I could still quilt the top, add a button/tie/envelope closure of some sort and ta-da--duvet cover!  In addition to the colors I've already used, there will be pink, purple and black thrown into the mix.

I'm still working on binding the Pervalong but I'm hopeful it will be done today.  And birthday preparations are in full swing.  Getting the house guest ready has been my main focus lately and probably will continue to be until this shindig is over.  

It's raining AND snowing here right now so I'm wishing everyone a better Wednesday than I see myself having :).

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  1. This looks like it's going to be beautiful! I've been aching to make a swoon quilt for ages now, and the scrappy route sounds like a great fresh alternative!

  2. Pinks, purples and browns will be a wonderful addition to your top. I love the scrappy look, and those colors will really pop.