Friday, December 21, 2012

2013 FO Challenge (Reader Beware-This is a Long Post!)

I don't think this challenge will be a problem.  Start a new project every month and not even have to finish it...ever?!  Right up my alley :)
This is a very rough list of what I hope to start every month (subject to change due to new quilt alongs, whims, and everything else):
Sugar Block Club Starts! - Since I haven't seen the fabric requirements yet I do not know what I will be using for this QAL.  I'm fairly certain I signed up for another paper pieced QAL through Don't Call Me Betsy, but I honestly cannot remember.  Found it!  Lucky Stars BOM Club.
And Sew On - I'm really excited about this BOM being hosted by Kristy.  I have the pleasure of testing one of the blocks (which I haven't gotten done yet, sorry Kristy!) and cannot wait to see what the others look like!  I'm planning on making this quilt out of my scrap bin so there's no telling what it will look like :)


Mario Quilt - My brother's birthday is in March and his new house should be built shortly thereafter so this seems like an appropriate time to start on his quilt.  I have all of the fabrics and have been looking at the blocks and designs on Flickr to see which blocks I want to use and how to lay them out.  I'm thinking this is going to be a big quilt.  I will probably be using 4 blocks across x 5 blocks long plus sashing and borders.  Since my machine is not set up to handle that kind of quilting (and I'm not sure when my vintage Singer will be here) I'm thinking this will be a quilt as you go type of quilt.


Curve It Up Quilt - Way too late for the QAL but I still want to give it a shot.  I've got my ruler and fabrics all set to go.


Value Added Quilt - WAY too late for this one too!  I've had the fabrics and pattern for this one for quite a while but haven't had time to dive in yet.


Easy Street QAL - Technically I have already started this one but after looking at the fabrics I picked for it I am not happy.  Don't get me wrong, the fabrics are beautiful but they aren't what I'm looking for on this quilt.  I'm thinking that my new fabric choices will be navy, cream, yellow and gray.  These are a few of the fabrics I have in mind.


Sea of Stars Quilt - Probably too late for this QAL too (anyone else sensing a pattern?)  This is destined to be a wedding gift and may have to be moved up the list a little so it will be ready in time.


Isosceles Triangle Quilt - There is a quilt along going for this one right now too but it will have to wait.  I'm doing it in Christmas fabrics.  Not sure which ones yet but I have a HUGE variety to choose from.
Reindeer Pillow - made out of scraps from the Isosceles Triangle Quilt. 
Trick or Treat Wall Hanging - paper pieced pattern from Quilt Maker's Magazine
Stockings - I am going to try to whip one up for Squeak this year so we can take it to his PawPaw's for Christmas but I would like to do one for each of the six of us next year (yes, I make stockings for my fur babies).
Tree Skirt and Christmas Presents - We have a pretty store bought tree skirt, but my cousin has a mini tree with possibly the worst tree skirt I have ever seen.  She's been wonderful about watching Squeak when we need her too so I'm planning to make her a beautiful, scrappy skirt.
I'm sure there will be lots of smaller projects being started (and hopefully finished) every month as well but these are the ones I would like to focus on.  I also still have the QALs from this year:  How Far Will You Go QAL and Super Penguin QAL that I need to finish up.  Cannot wait to get started on these new projects.  Just to give you an idea of the fabrics that I will be using for the small projects throughout the next year - - -

The top shelf is all of my collections that I cannot bear to break up. The three middle shelves are blenders and the bottom shelf has holiday, novelty and non cotton fabrics. The little shelf to the left has a sewing notion box on the top shelf that is currently hidden by my Weekender Bag (hey, I finally took a picture of it! -kind of), the second shelf is yardage of various fabrics two stacks deep, the third holds all of my books and the fourth got cut off but has all of the books I use for my clutches and e-readers. It looks messy but this is actually pretty good for me. There are also various fabrics scattered throughout the house as well as one of those clear three drawer containers full of scraps. I'm hoping that the above projects will help put a dent in this madness!


  1. I have a shelf like your top one too! I love looking at it... hesitate to cut it. I forgot to add the And Sew On QAL to my list - I'm really excited about that one.

  2. Wow you have 2013 mapped out already, well done!
    I started my "want to dos" list on a scrappy bit of paper last night, I realy need to get it in some sort of order.
    Can't wait to see how you get on.

  3. Yep, my stash is organized exactly like that! Great list - I love the idea of starting something new each month (I pretty much do anyway lol!)

  4. Oh, these are wonderful projects. I'm so glad you'll be joining in.

  5. Pretty fabrics for the Curve it Up :) You have some fun BOMs going and coming up. Would love to see them sometimes at BOMs Away. Don't you love Barbara's NewFO? lol