Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Busiest Time of the Year

I would like to start by saying hello to all of my new followers - - I'm so glad to have you!  I also really appreciate hearing everyone's input on what makes a blog successful and what stocking stuffers they are likely to give this year.  Please be assured that I did read the comments pertaining to blog layout, content, etc. and will be working to change mine to reflect my readers' preferences.  It may take a while, so bear with me :)

Don't forget that the Sew, Mama, Sew Giveaways are still underway!

Most of you asked for lots of pictures...well here you go:

Saturday was my last craft show of the year.  I didn't have a lot of sales, but I made back my booth rent and gas money so I'm happy.  The people that hosted the event were wonderful so I will definitely consider going back in the spring.  Even though my booth was very cluttered, it was definitely my favorite set up so far and gave me new ideas for future shows.

I got quite a bit accomplished this weekend.  I whipped up some OSU booties for my cousin's baby that's due at the end of the month.  I was planning on making several pair in different colors.  The pattern wasn't hard to follow or complicated but it was difficult to sew due to the size of the boots.  I hope she likes these because I'm not doing any more :).  My Etsy shop has been busy but I managed to get caught up (for all of about 30 minutes before more orders came in), yay!  And I was thrilled when Kristy at Quiet Play asked me to test another of her patterns.  Remember those little pinecone guys I want to make?  Two days later, at my craft show, I came across a booth selling mini pinecones - - it was meant to be!

My grandmother has a thing for roosters.  Her kitchen is covered in them.  So when I saw this rooster fabric (background), I knew I needed to make her something with it.  I went online and found a lady that teaches a class on paper piecing roosters (who knew?!).  She doesn't have her patterns up for sale commercially but she agreed to sell me one.  It turned out to be much larger than I anticipated, 18" x 20", but now I can make ... what can I make?  A lap quilt, a wall hanging?  I'm open to suggestions!  I'm not a rooster person and it's not my style of fabric, but this little guy is really growing on me.

Next up was my little Songbird Block.  I still haven't managed to make my Chopstick Block into anything yet so I definitely wanted to be able to show off a completed project this time.  I settled for another Open Wide Zippered Pouch.  My zipper (from zipit) came with this little charm attached and it went with my pouch perfectly!

I finally got started on the Easy Street QAL.  I won't lie, mystery qals make me nervous.  Without being able to see the design and layout of the finished quilt I always second guess my fabric choices and which color to put where. The fabrics I picked were originally for another qal but a last minute change left them up for grabs.  I decided to start the qal by only doing half of the recommended blocks.  If I like how its looking and I have enough fabric, I may go back and make the full size quilt. There is quite a gap between the quilting and the linkup so I should have time.

Another WIP is this adorable little cross stitch pattern I found here.  They have the cutest patterns and I couldn't resist.

I didn't have one of the colors so these are not completed yet :)  I toyed with the idea of somehow making it into a quilt but then I came across the Isosceles Triangle QAL.  Now I'm thinking it should be a wall hanging.
Last but not least...
Our first Christmas pictures!
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  1. Wow you have been busy!

    I love what you did with the birdie pattern - it looks great!

    As for the rooster (firstly, awesome piecing!), I'd probably go with a wallhanging at that size.

    Love your Christmas photo!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Thanks for letting me try it out for you!

      Let's hope my grandmother likes it. I've decided to add a couple of borders and go with the wall hanging idea :)

      I was pretty pleased. Can't believe our dogs actually behaved!